YEC 2023
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YEC 2023: Funding the Welfare State and Social Infrastructure

The 12th Young Economists Conference brought students and early career researchers from Austria and all over the world to Linz, Upper Austria, from October 6 through October 7. We want to thank all participants, our outstanding keynote speakers Professor Emma Dowling and Professor Jakob Kapeller as well as all organizing and cooperating institutions for the successful conference.

This year’s Eduard März Award, sponsored by the Vienna Chamber of Labor, went to Tatjana Neuhuber and Antonia Schneider for their paper “Determinants of inequality and the specific role of public social expenditure: An investigation across scales in Austria”.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to YEC 2024 in Vienna!

Please find all presentations and select pictures on this page. 



Jakob Kapeller: Why are there so many power laws in economics? Presentation

Emma Dowling: Postgrowth Challenges to Welfare Systems and Public Services: A Feminist Perspective Presentation

Eduard März Prize

Tatjana Neuhuber: “Determinants of Inequality and the Specific Role of Public Social Expenditure: An Investigation across Scales in Austria”

Panel “Challenges”

Matthias Aistleitner: “Networks of the Super Rich” Presentation

Thomas Pilgerstorfer “What affects the quality of childcare on the municipal level?” Presentation

Panel “Welfare State 1”

Tatjana Neuhuber: “Determinants of Inequality and the Specific Role of Public Social Expenditure: An Investigation across Scales in Austria” Presentation

Aqsa Jawed: “Combating Inequality and Poverty in Pakistan: A case for introducing Universal Basic Income at Home” Presentation

Muhammad Riyas: “Welfare Financing as Benefit Taxation: A Different Way of Thinking About Welfare Funding as Against the Elitist Discourse of welfarism as  fiscal profligacy: An Exploratory study in the Context of Welfare Scheme of Karnataka Government, in India.” Presentation

Panel “Welfare State 2”

Tomás Nuegués: “New trends in the financialization of welfare? An analysis of the crisis of the welfare state in South America through the case of Argentina” Presentation

Martin Moeller: “Links between the welfare state and the financial sector in financialized capitalism” Presentation

Panel “Labor Economics 1”

Virgilio Urbina Lazardi: “Trade-Union Hegemony: The Political Vision of the Rehn-Meidner Model” Presentation

Daniel Haim: “The Austrian wage negotiation system in the inflation crisis” Presentation

Lida Vandorou: “The lighthouse effect or dual labor markets? Evidence from informal workers in Greece” Presentation

Panel “Labor Economics 2”

Tommaso Gimelli: “Public Employment Schemes for the long-term unemployed in Europe - A comparative analysis of five policy experiments in Europe” Presentation

Bich Diem Thy Nguyen: “Assessing the Impact of an Active Labor Market Policy Program during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study in Lower Austria” Presentation

Keffa Simiyu: “Labor Market Integration among Refugees in Kenya” Presentation

Panel “Macroeconomics 1”

Ekaterina Juergens: “How narratives shape preferences for public investment and debt”  

Tornike Chivadze: “Post-soviet Georgia: Comparative analysis” 

Panel “Macroeconomics 2”

Anna Hornykewycz: „ Heating up houses instead of the climate? A transparent and realistic pathway for transforming the German building sector“ Presentation

Stefan Halbauer: „The Effect of Income Constraints on Female Labor Supply during Parental Leave” Presentation

Dash Anderson: „Towards a Spatial Theory of Rural Labor Exploitation in the U.S.” Presentation

Panel “Feminist Economics”

Sopo Japaridze: “Georgian Live-in Care Workers in Italy: Challenges, Needs, and Pathways to Empowerment” Presentation

Rikhia Bhukta: “Community Electrification and Women's Autonomy” Presentation

Panel “Inequality”

Matthias Muckenhuber: “What are the determinants of the migrant rent gap in Austria” Presentation

Daniel Grabner and Linda Li: „International Perspectives on Changing Geographies of Segregation in the U.S. Care Sector” Presentation

Rudolf Faininger: “The Migrant Wealth Gap in Germany” Presentatio




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