Young Economists Conference: The Future of Capitalism Development, Un(der)employment and Inequality

The world economic system has been in an acute crisis for the better part of a decade. While financial markets, the highest incomes and to some extent growth have recovered, the crisis keeps dragging the less fortunate under, both globally and within countries. The parallels to the Great Recession are uncanny, especially regarding the backward-looking reaction of the economic profession. The next generation of economists, unencumbered by entrenched research habits, can look afresh at the systemic questions surrounding capitalism.

For this reason the Chamber of Labour Vienna hosted a conference from the 24th to the 26th of September 2014, for which researchers at the beginning of their career (Master, pre- or post-doc) were specifically invited to attend.

Keynote speakers were Stephany Griffith-Jones, Financial Markets Director at the Initiative for Policy Dialogue at Columbia University and consultant to the Foundation for European Progressive Studies, a renowned expert in development economics and international finance, and Engelbert Stockhammer, professor of Economics at Kingston University in London with research interests in Post Keynesianism and unemployment.

Eduard März Prize

The Eduard März Prize was awarded to Asjad Naqvi for his contribution „Growth, distributions and the environment: A modeling framework for policy analysis“.



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